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  • BUNDLE INCLUDES:12 mini magnetic fun board games that will occupy adults and kids for couple of hours. In the package will include Space Venture,Solitaire,Backgammon,Auto Race,Snakes & Ladders,Tic Tac Toe,Nine Mens Morris,Checkers,Chinese Checkers,Chess & Checkers,Ludo & Racing
  • QUALITY: This set is created with high quality to take anywhere. It includes detailed playing pieces for all games, that help kids memorize different ranks and functions, and clearly labeled instructions on each box which they are individually packaged.
  • PERFECT FOR ON THE GO: You won't have to rely on music or dvd to stay entertained in the car. Thanks to this dozens of game. Each game include strong magnetic pieces and bases so you can play anywhere. Though easy to lift and move, they'll stay firmly attached to the board. It's also foldable and portable to take along when traveling.
  • DEVELOPS THINKING SKILLS - This set include all high educational games that helps kids develop strategy and long-term thinking. They are all classic games that has been shown to improve problem-solving and cognitive skills in players of all ages. Kids & Adults can learn gameplay very quickly, but they'll thrive on the challenge required to become a skilled player.
  • CREATED FOR LIMITED STORAGE- Because the playing pieces are designed to be stored with the collapsible board, a lack of surface area is never a problem. They're small and dainty, each board size is 5” L x 5” W. Small enough to fold and big enough to enjoy playing

Kidsthrill 12 Mini Magnetic Travel Fun On The Way Best Board Games For Kids & Ad

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