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This is the police car toy that has it all - flashing red and blue lights, and sound effects. But its
best feature is the Bump-and-Go steering. Instead of using a remote control, this car runs on its 
own. If it hits a wall or other obstruction, it turns itself around and speeds off in 
another direction. It's the perfect active entertainment for any toddler.

Product Features:

• Automatic turn around means it'll never stop or get stuck:

• Sound effects include voice, police sirens, and kid-friendly music:

• Bright, flashing lights will keep toddlers entertained:

• Safe construction means no small parts or sharp edges:

This product is recommended for children 3 years and up. Because it moves own its own,
it's a great way to encourage toddlers to crawl or walk as they chase after the toy.

Bump And Go Police Car - With Lights And Sirens - Changes Direction On Contact

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