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Revolutionize Your Ball Gaming Marathons With A Kidsthrill Air Powered Hover Disc Ball! 


Sick and tired of … 


… soccer balls damaging walls and breaking furniture on their way?


… poorly made air powered football discs that fall apart after a while?


… not being able to play your favorite games when the weather is bad?


If so, then this hover disc air ball is what you have been looking for. 


Combining the smooth air gliding action of hockey, the kicking effect of soccer and the greatness of multicolored LED lights, this hover disc is an absolute must have. 


Soccer & Hovercrafts Combined In A Kidsthrill Disc Ball Toy! 


This gliding ball works with air and your feet. Its design enables gliding on smooth and hard surfaces. 


Now you can play football, frisbee, soccer and hockey at home. And most importantly you can do all of the above without damaging a thing. Thanks to its impact resistant rubber exterior and soft protective foam, this hover ball disc allows you to play football even indoors. 


Protect your walls, moldings and furniture and keep both feet and hands safe.


Its non-marking foam bumper not only prevents scuffs and nicks, but it also makes our air soccer ball disc even more fun to bounce around any room. 


5 + 1 Reasons Why This Air Hover Ball Toy Is A Keeper:


  • Compact, lightweight and portable air ball disc. 
  • For hockey, football, soccer, gliding, kicking, throwing, and catching. 
  • Colorful LED lights. Make this soccer ball … a disco ball. 
  • Won’t scratch your floors or damage your walls. 
  • Soft padded foam. Facilitates kicking and bouncing. 
  • For all flat and smooth surfaces. Low-pile carpet, wood, linoleum, and concrete.

Air Powered Electric Soccer Football Disc Ball Toy With LED Lights

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